Essiccatore Biosec

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As free as the air
Essiccatore Biosec - Flusso d'aria orizzontaleWhat makes Biosec unique is its exclusive horizontal air-flow drying system.
The air circulates freely around the entire surface of the products, ensuring even drying and optimising heat use.
Respect for raw materials, perfect results and energy savings – guaranteed.
Quality and research Made in Italy
Essiccatore Biosec - Made in ItalyBiosec was thought up, designed and built in Italy.
When creating Biosec we put all our efforts into research, using only top quality, certified, guaranteed parts.
Proof of this lies in the fact that Biosec can be used continually for a very long time – years of high-level performance, with practically no maintenance required.
Put in, take out, change… savings!
Essiccatore Biosec - Versatile e modulareBiosec goes as far as your imagination takes it. It will dry a huge range of different products, using traditional ideas or creating new ones.
Not just fruit and vegetables either: Biosec can be used for herbs, pasta, meat, fish or flowers for artwork.
What’s more, when good ideas and passion lead to greater quantities, more units can be added to expand Biosec.