Essiccatore Biosec

Conserva il buon gusto

Ingredients: apples, dark chocolate

Wash the apples thoroughly and core (using an apple corer).
Cut the apples into 5 mm rings and place in the trays.
Switch on Biosec and insert the trays. Set Biosec to maximum for 4-5 hours to eliminate surface humidity, then turn down to medium.
The apples will take about 24 hours to dry out.
Before taking the apples out of Biosec, melt the chocolate in a bain marie (or on low in the microwave), stirring to break up any lumps.
Take the apples out of the dryer. Dip each ring into the chocolate, coating only one half. Place the ChocoApples on a wire rack to cool and harden, laying them down gently so they do not stick. You can even use the Biosec baskets for this purpose.
Once they are dry (about an hour) the ChocoApples are ready.
They should be stored in sealed bags or glass jars, away from the light and humidity.